What actually matters

Most likely whatever you’re currently over-thinking doesn’t really matter. When you boil it down to the nuts and bolts of life, it’s fleeting and unnecessary. We all know this of course, but to be able to hold on to that knowledge and live it in real time would be transformational. When I think about the incredible realities all around us that we’re consistently ignoring — atoms, gravity, digestion, weather, the internet(!) it’s absurd that we spend any time wrapped up in stress. I realize and acknowledge that anxiety and depression are clinical diagnoses that require medical attention. I also realize that I’m speaking from a position of privilege. Disclaimer over.

The quest to understand consciousness is an ancient tradition precisely because humans have always realized that there might be a better way to live. Being wrapped up in daily worries is an obvious waste of our one shot at life. I’m sure people in the 1400’s spent their days consumed with worry about their crops, their children, their health- and guess what? They’ve been dead for over five hundred years! All we can do is use our brains to live the best we can. Beyond that worry is just an unnecessary punishment and a waste of precious time.

I’m writing this to make myself feel better. I’m one of the millions of American’s who are quitting their jobs in record numbers to find work that allows more time for family. I’m leaving a great job with great pay and great benefits- but a bad commute and bad schedule. I’m worried. I realize my worry is fleeting and unnecessary. I’ve done the math, I’ve spoken to my husband, I’ve made the decision. Now to hold on to the knowledge that time is fleeting and today’s worries will mean nothing in the end. I’m going to try my best to stay in that headspace. Wish me luck.


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